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Dar Al Shafaq Al Arabi

We're a multidisciplinary publishing house, specialized in providing a vast array of publishing services, workshops and courses with a focus on reviving authentic culture.

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“At Dar Al Shafaq Al Arabi, our main focus is on quality. We only accept providing our customers with the best we can.”

Mohammad Kolailat, General Manager at Dar Al Shafaq Al Arabi


On a mission to publish

Dar Al Shafaq Al Arabi is a publishing house with a modern touch. Our main focus is on reviving the Arabian culture, encouraging the new generation to focus on fruitful readings as well as providing our customers with top notch quality work. We have provided our excellent proofreading, editing and other services to more than:

Research Papers
Masters’ Theses
PhD Dissertations


Our humble services, provided with extra care

We specialize in providing several services to organizations, publishing houses, professors, writers, companies, business owners, entrepreneurs, students, private/governmental agencies, postgraduates and higher learning institutes.

Our vast array of services

We deliver it all from A to Z. Whether you need proofreading, editing, formatting, typing, printing, translating, designing or publishing, we got your back. All our services are provided with high care, quality control and special treatment.

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We host courses & workshops

Other than providing services, we focus on teaching several topics through online and offline workshops and courses.

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The latest from our blog

Make sure to stay up to date with our latest articles, where we discuss several topics and let you know what we think about different ideas.

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The Evergreen Essence of Translation

No matter the subject, we always tend to look for information in our native language. The content touches our heart differently and that makes translation in high demand across various industries. However, is Google Translate good enough to do this?

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Hiba Outa Feb 14, 2023
Image of Negative Traces of Digital Chalks

Negative Traces of Digital Chalks

Despite the immense benefits, investing in Remote Learning as a primary source of education is not always a favorable option to build model citizens and creative leaders.

Photo of Hiba Outa
Hiba Outa Feb 9, 2023
Image of Challenges Encountered by Postgraduates

Challenges Encountered by Postgraduates

There are some daunting challenges frequently encountered by postgraduate students that toughens their education journey. This leads them to seek professional help from sophisticated dissertation consultants who will surely provide some comfort.

Photo of Hiba Outa
Hiba Outa Nov 21, 2022
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We’re here to help

Do you have a project and you don’t know where to start or how to proceed with it? Just give us a shout and we're ready to help you for free. We offer a free consultation session, where you can ask us questions and we'll be glad to answer.