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About us

On a mission to publish. On a path to success.

Our mission is to publish great content, with the best possible quality, in order to preserve culture.


Our Vision

Our vision is simple, clear and concise and split into two tracks: reviving the love of the Arabic language and the Arabic culture, and becoming one of the best and most trusted writing service providers for the Arabic language.

Preserving Arabic culture

The world is slowly losing the richness and beauty provided by Arabic culture. We try to re-establish it with all available means.

Become one of the best service providers

We aim to become one of the best proofreading and typing services providers for the Arabic language in the Middle-East at least if not the world.


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a passion for teaching and writing about culture by partnering with authors that can help communicate ideas that inform, entertain, inspire and connect with readers everywhere. This can only be ensured by a team of Arabic culture, and writing experts.

Top Authors

We search for top authors, and top authors only.

We live inside the books

Open a book and you will see us there, living inside it and breathing the communication established by worldwide Arab authors, within their rich sentences and deep meanings.
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“At Dar Al Shafaq Al Arabi, our main focus is on quality. We are only satisfied with providing our customers with the best we can .”

Mohammad Kolailat General Manager, Dar Al Shafaq Al Arabi


Why choose working with us

Competitive rates

We provide competitive rates for our professional services. We don't think you can find the same quality services for the prices we offer.

Secure and confidential

Client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. We protect confidential data and adhere to a strict security policy.

A trusted reputation

With 10+ years of experience, and over 500 clients, we've earned a reputation as a leading provider of Arabic proofreading services

Timely delivery

Client orders are efficiently processed by our experts and submitted on time.

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