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Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Check the frequently asked ones. Did not find your answer? make sure to contact us.

How can I publish my book?
Send us a copy of your book, and give us some time to reply back. Rest assured all the information you give will be confidential and secured, and nothing will be done until you sign the contract. You have our word.
What's the difference between proofreading and editing
With proofreading, your editor will check the spelling, punctuation, grammar, and other basic elements of your writing to make sure it is error free and easy to read. With editing, your editor will make more substantial changes, which may include revising sentences, restructuring paragraphs, and adapting the written tone of your document.
Why do you need a proofreader?
A proofreader or editor will assist you when you are frequently unaware of inconsistencies, blunders, grammatical errors, the improper structure of sentences and paragraphs, inappropriate use of punctuation marks, and spelling or typing errors. He will help you better improvise your overall document, rectify grammar mistakes , pattern, and choice of word, in order to produce a captivating content.
Do universities and colleges allow proofreading?
Yes. Generally, universities and colleges allow proofreading. Some students even receive a proofreading allowance from their university. That being said, if you are ever in doubt, contact your university’s administration. Dar Al Shafaq Al Arabi operates under an ethical editing model; where we will never knowingly edit a student’s work; ensuring that we don’t facilitate plagiarism while providing great proofreading services to students that meet university rules.
Do you guarantee a certain grade?
We don’t guarantee you’ll receive a specific grade for your work after proofreading. Nor do we change the ideas or concepts presented in your document, which is what you will be graded on. We do, however, offer five-star rated proofreading and editing services, which ensure your writing is error free and improve its readability. Many customers received better grades after proofreading, but we cannot guarantee this.